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Unique in Portugal and one of the
first outside Japan.

旅館 |rīˈōkən|: Typical Japanese Inn

Recognized as one of the oldest types of accommodation in the world, ryokan have always been associated with the hospitality of their owners.

In these traditional inns, where samurai, merchants and nobles once stayed, every effort is made to make their guests feel as welcome as possible.

A hallmark of millenary and so intense Japanese culture, the ryokan is the materialization of omotenashi (おもてなし): a feeling deeply rooted in the Japanese people, which goes far beyond hospitality and which, for the Japanese, refers to the act of serving well that comes from the heart!

When arriving at a Ryokan the differences from western hotels are evident.

Guests are awaited by a friendly receptionist who provides a pair of typical slippers to circulate in the common areas of the unit.

In the rooms, nothing is left to chance and the Japanese atmosphere of leisure and relaxation is guaranteed through amenities such as tatami flooring or comfortable futons.

A yukata is also waiting for you – the traditional Japanese outfit that resembles a kimono – and which you can wear during your stay, not only inside your room but also in the common areas of the unit, such as the SPA.

Inspired by the traditional Onsen – Japanese thermal baths – at the Viseu Ryokan SPA you can find a sauna, hydromassage bath and massage service. The calm and relaxing atmosphere promises to be a refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In what will be the first Ryokan in Portugal and one of the first in the world outside Japan, we are looking for a perfect balance between Japanese culture and customs and our own history.

Taking shape in a house over 300 years old, located in the historic center of Viseu, Viseu Ryokan aims to be a perfect symbiosis of traditions and, therefore, we chose to remain faithful to the many architectural lines of this century-old house and keep visible the old stone walls, where endless stories accumulate and which now take on a new life.

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Each of the seven exclusive rooms at Viseu Ryokan invites you to travel. Amidst the typical Japanese decor, and keeping alive the Japanese customs and habits, each accommodation is equipped with a futon – a typical Japanese mattress – and a private bathroom with Japanese technology. The atmosphere, of total tranquility, finds the perfect balance in the yukata provided and that invites you to feel truly at home.



Japanese culture has been recognized for many centuries for its high standards of hygiene. This concern, associated with the country’s technological development, led to the development of unique hygiene solutions in the world. Coming as close as possible to this concept, all bathrooms in Viseu Ryokan rooms are equipped with technological toilets.



Trying to create a setting of true relaxation and a truly Japanese experience, Viseu Ryokan offers its own version of an “Onsen”. A SPA, aimed at guests and non-guests, where you can find a wide range of SPA services, a hydromassage bath and sauna.



Traditional Japanese clothing, similar to a kimono, widely used in informal and relaxing environments, such as ryokan and onsen. In each room at Viseu Ryokan we kindly provide yukata so you can enjoy moments of true relaxation during your stay.



カステラ: kasutera is a Japanese cake, similar to sponge cake, whose origin dates back to the 16th century.

The history of kasutera relates to the arrival of the Portuguese in Japan. The recipe for our typical sponge cake was adapted by the Japanese culture and gave rise to this cake, which is cooked in large square shapes weighing six kilos and then cut into smaller pieces.