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Viseu Ryokan is the materialization of the dream of one of its founders: to bring to Portugal one of the best experiences of his travels around the world, Japanese culture.

The story goes back to 2008 when, on a trip to Japan, he stayed in a typical ryokan. The experience was so unique and intangible, in that faraway country, that ended up to raise on him the ambition to, one day, replicate that feeling in a Portuguese city.

Time passed, the dream did not disappear but, on the contrary, it grew and was shared. Sometime in 2016, a meeting of the wills of the brave and adventurous couple led them to establish the project for the implementation of what would be the first ryokan in Portugal, if not the first in the entire world outside Japan.

From that day until the opening day, a long journey was covered. From intensive studies of Japanese culture to visits to several ryokan in Japan, everything culminated in the total restoration of one of the oldest buildings in the historic center of Viseu and its careful and detailed transformation into a typical and modern Japanese ryokan.

We hope that the dream that was once born of one and quickly became of two, will be shared by you today with the same emotion.

May you be as happy here as we are!